List of Resources

Through writing these posts I have come across a lot of tools and technologies that relate to students learning mathematics in secondary school.
Different items may suit certain teachers and various classrooms, so below is a list (which I will update from time to time) as to the technologies I have found.

Personal Favorites
Socrative ( & A flexible student quiz/clicker
Desmos ( & A well developed Maths teaching site with graphic calculator and range of activities.
Kahoot ( & A fun, simple student quizzer with many public, pre-made quizzes
Geogebra ( A plain foundation for developing a range of mathematical forms
Math is fun ( A straightforward description of a range of maths content
Khan Academy ( A maths curriculum to support student learning.
Nrich ( A great resource for enriched topics for maths.
Illuminations from NCTM ( A source of interactive activities for a range of mathematics topics.
Maths Twitter and Blog-o-sphere #MTBOS (

Specific Resources
Algebra & Numbers
Visual Patterns ( An attractive list of patterns for students to investigate.
INSPIRograph ( an attractive spirograph to investigate ratios. 

Statistics & Probablity
Gap Minder ( Access to UN data to investigate real world statistics & relations with a powerful graphing tool to make it approachable.
Plotly ( is an attractive, free graphing website, enabling rich graphs to be shared or embedded
Atlas ( list of interesting and well created graphs, each likely to start thought provoking conversations.
Spurious Correlations ( Interesting collection of graphs showing correlation between diverse situations (eg Cheese Consumption & Deaths from bed sheets)


Other References (Dry but thorough breakdown of relevant maths topics) (listing of teaching resources using a clever interface with reviews)   (for making picture more interactive) (Interesting maths problems by @solvemymaths)
Maths with Pizzazz (old but good book of math worksheets for lower secondary) (Interesting summary of problems related to maths topics) (Great extension site for higher order maths, physics and computer science questions and discussions) (Community for sharing teaching resources, with thorough reviews and a selection of 'lesson flow' to describe how various resources and combined and used together)

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