Sunday, 4 October 2015

Angle Chase Quiz

After having spent some time with students learning about relationship between angles, parallel lines and internal angle of shapes, the questions all seem to start looking the same. However when I came across a series of Angle Chases on ( I found it quite engaging, and *spoiler* so did the kids.

One of the particularly interesting angle chases is embedded below.

I took the fourth diagram and loaded it into an online quiz (using Socrative). The Socrative quiz includes images for the students to work along with as well as give students immediate feedback on what the correct answers are (I think I got them correct). You are welcome to use the quiz by logging into and import the quiz SOC-16913178.

The Angle Chase allows students to build on what they have discovered through the exercise (building on the "Epic Meaning" of the activity) and presents the questions in a manner different to the way textbooks generally structure these type of questions.

From a teacher's point of view keeping a track of student's results is vital. Socrative automatically tracks the student's attempts. This allowed me to export the results and check where the students are up to (with names removed below is the report). 

The class results showed that up to angle "h" most students performed well, and then students had mix results. Angle "j" and "r" both achieved less than 30% of correct answers so as a class we discussed these angles, allowing the high performing students to explain their thought process and teach the students which did not correctly solve those angles.

Running of the angle chase took around 20mins, after which some students had completed all angles, and others were beginning to lose focus. At the end of the activity many students asked for more, so I allowed them to work through the other diagrams in Angle Chase diagram.

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