Sunday, 26 July 2015

Dance Dance Transversal

Dance to learn angle related to transversals

I have seen a few different teachers using this dancing method to practise learning related angles between parallel lines.

Algebrainiac did it here :

St Mary Star of the Sea did it here:

Communicating Mathematically has a guide here:

And I understand the activity originally come from a series of discussions at a #msmathchat

Overall the concept is that the students use masking tape (or something similar) to draw 2 parallel lines, and then a transversal. The teacher instructs the names of each pair of angles (Corresponding, Alternate, etc) and then sets up a presentation flashing up each type of angle and the students dance so that their feet land on the relevant angles.

It seems our curriculum is somewhat different in the naming of certain angles, so I have taken primarily from to name my angles, then set some music for students to dance to the Angles.

Dance Dance Transversal - Introduction Level (Australian)

The first video has a nice slow song, and plenty of time to get to know the angles and introduces using the related angles.

Dance Dance Transversal - LEVEL UP (Australian)

Once the students are warm and know the angles well, they get some challenges to extend their understanding of angle pairs (and have a little fun). The Level Up video is faster, and ends with a very fast section intended as a joke (although 2 students reportedly succeeded all the way to the end...but I am not sure if I would)

The students had fun, and were very active for a final period on a Friday.

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