Sunday, 26 July 2015

Teaching Logarithmic Graphs with Desmos

Teaching Logarithmic Graphs

Exponential Functions lead to many discussions of Moore's Law, Dominos and Paper Folding, however Logarithms are somewhat less immediately apparent.

Exploring how Logarithmic Functions transform is valuable example of transformation of functions more generally, so making it playful and accessible will aid the students understanding.

To enable this I created some challenges for students:

Answers for these challenges are linked below.

Once students are confident with understanding Logarithmic (and Exponential) graph transformations, let them test their vocabulary using Desmos' Polygraph. I have created a series of Log and Exponent Graphs, the students need to ask questions like Guess Who, to identify which graph they have picked.

Have a look at the activity here ( Class code: zhad)

or you can run the activity in your classroom through here.

Through these activities students can develop a strong understanding of Transformation of Functions (in particular Logarithmic Functions) while essentially playing with computers (and thanks to a great foundation set by Desmos)

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