Saturday, 5 December 2015

Interactive online revision tool

For some time now I have felt that revision has too often been assigning students piles of practice questions. For a change, in addition to the assigned revision questions I produced an Interactive online revision page using Sway (My original post on this is here)

The student results spiked. It seems that when students are reviewing a maths topic it is better for them to have visual and interactive tools to explore and extend the concepts they are preparing for.

This is one of my favorite examples with interactive cards plus videos and pictures.

I have also loaded it for others to see at:

From a maths point of view I have found the ability to embed Geogebra materials into the Sway are valuable and easily found at

The process is quite simple as follows:

1) Find the activity you want to include in your sway.

2) Click on the share button in the top right of the window.

3) Then copy the embed code to your clipboard.

4) In your Sway, Select "Cards" from the top and scroll down to "Embed"

5)  Then simply Paste from the clipboard, into the description (it even says to tap here are paste)

6) Click on Play or Preview, to see the embedded content in action.

I found it quite rewarding and so did the students when they were playing with these carefully selected activities.

Let me know how you go using Sway and embedding content in the comments.

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